The Digital Baggage Tag That Will Revolutionize The Way You travel


Most frequent travellers have experienced their baggage being lost and arriving in the following days, or even not at all. Usually after dropping off your bag, you have no idea if it has been put onboard your plane, or has in fact been left at the airport.​

With bagID GO you not only avoid stress and hassle, but also the worry of whether or not your bag will be there waiting for you upon arrival .as long as bagID GO is attached to your bag, you can track its journey through the bagID app on your smartphone.

Get notified

The bagID app will notify you. Instead of waiting in line at the baggage carousel to pick up your bag you will get notified on your smartphone at once it is ready to be picked up.

The bagID app will be available for iOS and Android.

Theft protection

The Theft Protection feature is an "Outside airport alarm".

​bagID GO also protects your luggage while travelling by other means than air. For example, if you embark on a train for a weekend in the countryside, your bag remains safe in the luggage rack, as long as it is within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone. As Bluetooth technology has a limited range, once your smartphone loses contact with your bag, it will sound an alarm (if you want) and send out its location.​

Simply put, bagID GO lets you focus on enjoying your travels, rather than worrying about your luggage being lost or mishandled. Instead, you can use your time and energy on something useful, such as working, watching a movie, or a good snooze.

ECO Friendly

Every year, three billion air passengers take to the skies, usually bringing with them at least one piece of luggage or more. In the future, this figure is expected to increase by over five percent annually, according to industry associations.

​Each piece of baggage needs a separate tag, consisting of both paper and silicone, where it can only be used once, before being thrown away. One concern is the sheer number of factories, machines, electricity, trees and oil-based products needed to produce every tag, where another is the cost of recycling it once the tag is discarded.​

A bagID is both durable and helps make air travel more sustainable, letting you enjoy your journey with a clearer conscience.

​If you haven’t already done so, do yourself and the environment a favour and order a bagID now!

Saves time

While air travel seems to be an ever-increasing hassle, bagID GO lets you enjoy the ease of travelling again. With bagID GO you can jump the queue at check-in counters and kiosks, and instead, just drop off your bag at your convenience. No more worries about endless check-in queues and missed flights due to them!

bagID GO is the smart choice for the experienced traveller, who appreciates the more the important things in life, rather than being stuck in an endless maze of check-in queues and procedures.​

bagID GO’s technology replaces the need for check-in queues and old-fashioned paper tags, using Bluetooth and modern tracking technologies, to transfer your bag’s travel information throughout the baggage-handling system.

​Instead of showing up early at the airport and worrying about wasting time checking in and printing a tag for your bag, bagID lets you go straight to the bag-drop and onwards to the security control.

Luggage treatment sensor

The rough handling of baggage is unfortunately a well known phenomenon to passengers. Many have experienced their baggage being almost unrecognisable when it arrived on the carousel.​

Thanks to bagID GOs built-in Luggage Treatment Sensor (LTS) you can now know exactly how your bag has been treated.

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