What makes bagID GO unique?

The bagID GO contains a variety of sensors and a communication module based on recent IoT technology (Narrowband and LTE CAT M) developed in collaboration with Telenor ASA that enables tracking, monitoring of meteorological and operational parameters, and smart notifications that will make your travel more smooth, such as your baggage has arrived and at what baggage belt it can be picked up.​

In addition, you can easily move the bagID GO between your suitcases that is equipped with a mounting plate.

How much does a display on a bagID GO tolerate? Considering the rough handling baggages get on airports.

The display in bagID GO is made of plastic and not glass like ordinary mobile screens. In addition, the entire device is IP68 certified and tested several times at Oslo, Gardermoen with Avinor. This is done to verify that bagID GO will withstand the rough handling it will get on airports.

What if the bagID GO runs out of power during my journey?

The bagID GO has an e-ink display that shows the bag tag even if the device is out of power, so your luggage will be sent to the destination as expected. The battery can be charged with a USB-C plug and will withstand hundreds of charging cycles.

How is the device attached to the suitcase? Is it hard to steal?

The bagID GO slides easily into your suitcase with the supplied mounting plate. The mounting plate has been designed to be attachable on everything from hard to soft suitcases and bags. It is very difficult to remove the device without opening your luggage.

Which airlines are supported?

As of today you can use the bagID GO as the bagtag with

We are continuously working with new airlines. Note that many of the functions of bagID GO does not require a connection to airlines, such as tracking your luggage, baggage on belt notifications, personal name tags, etc.

Which softwares will the bagID GO be delivered with?

The bagID GO app will be available for iOS and Android.

How do I transfer my flight information to my bagID GO?

As you enter your flight information into the bagID app you can simply transfer it to your bagID GO thorugh Bluetooth.

How will my baggage be weighed

This will happen in the self-service bag drop machine. If your bag turns out to be too heavy, you can follow instructions provided on site.

Will the "PRIORITY" sticker also be replaced?

The "PRIORITY" status will be clearly visible on your bagID GO.

Where can I find the bag-drop at the airport?

Bag-drop is often one of the first thing you see when you arrive at the airport. If it is hard to find you can contact the information desk at the respective airport.

What exactly do I need to do at the bag-drop?

If you have transferred a bag tag to your bagID GO at home or en route, it has already been checked in upon arrival at the airport. The handover process at the bag drop station may vary depending on the airline, airport or station. Simply follow the instructions at the respective bag-drop station you want to use.

How do the buttons on bagID GO work?
How does the LED lamp on bagID GO work?
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