Design and Technology


bagID is developed in close cooperation with airlines.It is designed to both take a punch and look good.​

The casing has a rough edge to make it extra resistant against impacts.The EP Display is covered with a special designed cover glass. It is extremely resistant to scratches and features a gasket around it, to make the device watertight.

The heart of bagID GO

bagID GO is a device packed with state of the art technology. In cooperation with Telenor Norge we have now made it possible to track your bags in real-time and much more. scroll down to read more about the great technologies we use in the heart of the bagID GO.

Communication Technology

bagID GO is based on the latest mobile communication technologies, on the World's smallest multi-mode LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) module. This module in combination with our special designed sensors are able to sense when the bagID GO is airborne or not, enabling two-way communication with the baggage. Some benefits of this:​

  • You can track your belongings in real-time throughout your journey, even off-airport.

  • Your airline can remote control the device in the instance of a rebooking, a cancellation, or locate a bag if a passenger doesn’t show up.

  • One can also track the luggage and carry out sensor analyses, for example, if the baggage has been damaged due to being mishandled

Display Technology

bagID GO uses the latest display technology, in close cooperation with Eink. It's a specially developed screen, based on the Electronic paper display (EPD) technology, which displays four colours, handles rough conditions and huge temperature fluctuations. Not to mention that it doesn't use power once the tag is transferred from your smartphone.

Learn more about bagID GO’s EPD technology here:

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