Revolutionize the way your passenger travel!

BagID is pioneering the travel industry, making it easier to tag, send and track luggage in an eco friendly way. The digital baggage tag contributes towards a comfortable, stress-free journey for you and your passengers.

Increase efficiency and control

Increase read rate, track and remote control all bags throughout their journey, and quickly identify a bag in the cargo room in case of “no show” passengers.

Save up to US$ 1.6 per checked luggage

Reduce the chance of lost luggage by 26%* and the cost of lost luggage by 14%**, all whist reducing the cost of CUSS kiosks and paper tags.

Improve passenger experience and customer loyalty

Let customers check in their bags, track their belongings and report lost luggage with their smartphone.

By taking advantage of our technology, you can facilitate smooth check-ins and effortless tracking, while at the same time improving your overall business. Contact us for more information.

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